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Qdoba Grilled Vegetable Burrito


First order of business – The Boston University Men’s Ice Hockey team finished with a 2-1 win against Providence this past Saturday.  Go Terriers!  As part of a promotional deal, Qdoba: Mexican Grill offered a deal for 3 days – Buy one entrée, get one free if you brought in your game ticket. I jumped at the chance to grab a fellow vegetarian friend and go have a cheap, delicious, extremely filling lunch. I’d eaten the vegetarian burrito as well as happily finished off the vegetarian taco salads in the past, but I had never tried the grilled veggie burrito.

This $5.99 burrito ($3 this time around) stuffed with an assortment of grilled vegetables provided a flavor of Mexican food I hadn’t yet encountered. The combination of seasoned red bell peppers, zucchini, squash, tomatoes and onions makes the burrito feel like a more well-rounded meal than the simple lettuce/tomato/beans/salsa/rice filling of the vegetarian. Also, I fully support the Qdoba choice of 4 different salsa, ranging in spicy from mild to extra hot. My personal favorite is the hot salsa, as the flavor isn’t overpowered by the spice.

I also prefer Qdoba to Chipotle, though they sport eerily similar menus and choices for vegetarians. I’m not sure why, but I’m pretty sure it’s because I like the chips at Qdoba better. Regardless, Qdoba doesn’t provide enough vegetarian choices to make this restaurant a regular lunch place – but it is a nice spot to hit up maybe once a month … or when they have promotional deals.

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