About Me

When I moved to Boston, Massachusetts 3 years ago to start school at Boston University, I expected to have the typical University dining experience, negativity amplified because I’m a vegetarian.  While the BU dining halls themselves surprised me, so did the city of Boston.  Growing up south of the Mason-Dixon Line, I found finding tasty and varied vegetarian food in restaurants challenging.  For tasty food, I turned to my mother’s traditional Indian cooking at home.  So, I expected nothing less in Boston, and I was very, very wrong.

During the two years I spent living in dormitory-style residences, I explored the various eateries in the city, finding delicious cuisines from parts of the world I wouldn’t peg as vegetarian friendly – Ethiopian cuisine, anyone?  Not only did I find delicious food, I found affordable food.  Now that I have my own apartment, I find myself expanding outside the range of Indian-vegetarian cooking, creating dishes that are relatively easy and quick to make, but also which pack a lot of punch.

I am a Boston University senior pursuing a double degree in International Relations and Public Relations.  Having spent the better part of two years trying to figure out how to integrate my interest in world politics and government with public relations and marketing, I have found myself accidentally integrating the two disciplines in my internships and extracurricular activities. This blog gives me the opportunity to pursue one of my biggest passions – the art of cooking – and share the results with other vegetarian college students in the Boston area.

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