Newbury St. & Mass. Ave: The OTHERSIDE Cafe

It’s no wonder that this restaurant, which has been consistently ranked the best vegetarian food in Boston ranks at the top of my choices for dining out.  I have a promise with myself – every time I go to The OTHERSIDE Cafe, I choose something different on the menu.  Now, I’ve been in Boston for 3 years, it took me 1 year to find The OTHERSIDE, and since I’ve gone several times a semester.

That’s approximately 12-15 trips to The OTHERSIDE, you’d think I’d have run out of options by now, right? Wrong.

Here’s my breakdown of what’s tasty on The OTHERSIDE’S menu:


  1. OTHERSIDE Nachos – If you know me, you know I absolutely LOVE nachos (there’s going to be a post on nachos coming soon… I can feel it). This plate of delicious starts with a bed of tortilla chips topped with melted cheddar, jalapeños, their homemade vegetarian chili and salsa. It’s $8.00 and it took the combined efforts of me and two friends to finish this for lunch.
  2. Hummus Platter – Homemade hummus.  Usually I don’t even bother reading the rest, since homemade hummus pretty much rocks my world, but what follows deserves fair mention.  Imagine a heaping plate of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, carrots, sprouts, and lavash bread.

Soups & Stews

  1. Our Own Vegetarian Chili – I love my mom’s chili, and I tend to compare what I find in restaurants to my mother’s chili, but The OTHERSIDE doesn’t disappoint.  This chili includes two ingredients I don’t generally put in my chili: corn and bulghur wheat.  They serve their chili in two sizes, cups and bowls,  with tortilla chips on the side.

Sandwiches & Wraps

  1. Hummus Wrap – This is the dish that makes me want to break my “order – something – different – each – time” rule.  They roll up onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, shredded carrots, sprouts, lettuce, and the homemade hummus in a delicious honey wheat wrap.  You can add tofu or tempeh to this wrap if that’s what you’re into… can’t say I’ll follow that lead, though. Despite the number of times it’s cooked for me, I cannot bring myself to enjoy the texture of either tofu or tempeh.
  2. Veggie Burrito – Remember the delicious vegetarian chili from earlier?  Add brown rice and cheddar cheese and wrap up the trio in a tortilla, and serve it on a plate with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream on the side.  Again, adding tofu is an option.
  3. Pressed Greek – Finally, I had the chance to try this sandwich.  It combined the deliciousness of a Greek salad (spinach, feta, onions, tomatoes (eek, I forgot to ask them to hold the tomatoes!), black olives, and roasted red peppers with the magic of pesto all combined and pressed on sliced focaccia bread.


Sadly, they were out of apple pie (pie is seasonal) by the time I and my friend Jack showed up for dinner, so instead I had a vegan cheesecake, which was made with what tasted like an oreo crust.  It was surprisingly delicious though I could definitely tell that it didn’t taste like regular cheesecake.


So… even though I haven’t even gotten into the breakfast menu, you have ample incentive to meander over to Newbury & Mass Ave.  Hit up The OTHERSIDE for a Saturday brunch.  Post-lunch, you can go shopping on Newbury Street!

  • Have you been to The OTHERSIDE?
  • What’s your favorite menu item?

2 responses to this post.

  1. YOU WENT TO THE OTHERSIDE WITH JACK BUT NOT ME?! WOMAN. Anyway, their honey yogurt dip is seriously the best thing ever. Ever ever. Next time WE go, I’ll get it if you don’t want it. Then you get to try TWO things. Whoa. ;p


  2. […] Repeat mention: The OTHERSIDE Nachos – I’ve professed my love for these nachos before, on this blog, but here it is again: This plate of delicious starts with a bed of tortilla […]


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